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Christi Zimmerman


Posted: February 17, 2015

I am a 36 year old wife, my husband’s name is JD and we have been married for 10 years.  I am also a mother of one biological child, Jordan who is 16 years old, and two step-kids, Ryan 14 and Jaydan 11 that live with us, too.

JD and I were/are still very active and enjoyed doing things outside such as camping, playing softball together, attending Jordan’s sporting events, fishing, and going to the beach. I love to ski too.

In the Spring of 2013, Jordan and I went skiing and thought I’d die lugging my gear to the base of the mountain.  The day before I left for this ski trip, I got my first leg cramp.  I had no idea that leg cramps would end up being a nightly battle.

Fast forward to August 2013, we were in Crystal Beach on a family vacation, when I realized I couldn’t move my big toe… that was when my husband noticed, it wasn’t just my big toe, I couldn’t move any of my toes or my ankle very well. I looked up “drop foot” that night after everyone went to sleep and saw the acronym “ALS”, my stomach sank.  I knew.

I immediately made an appointment with a foot surgeon, hoping that it was just an “out of control” bunion, but when he saw the clonus in my foot and legs upon examination, he stopped prayed for me and referred me to a neurologist.  After a barrage of testing over the next several months, we got a confirming diagnosis of ALS, from a specialist in January 2014.

Family Photo - January 2015

Christi, JD and their kids

So, how am I coping? Coping?  I’m LIVING!  I am a believer in Jesus Christ, so I have HOPE!!  I am steadfast, as I set my focus on Him and not this disease. As a wife and mom, I am still the acting pillar holding everything together for everyone in the family, through the constant help of God.  So, needless to say, I have a lot resting on my shoulders.

My family, church family, and friends have been a constant source of support through the ordeal of the last year and a half.  I am so thankful for every prayer, every act of service, and every encouraging word.

Currently, I am still walking, but not very well and with a full leg brace and a cane. I get up every morning and “fight” my way through the day as I fight this disease that is slowly taking over my body.

We moved to our current house a couple months prior to realizing there was something wrong with me, so it isn’t the ideal house for someone with a handicap, much less ALS.  The one thing we will need to do is widen a couple doors and remodel our master bathtub into a shower only.

The Dennis Sehorn Foundation has recently taken me (and my family) on as one of the recipients of the generosity of their donors. This is a perfectly timed answer to prayer, as my husband and I wondered where the money would come from to make the necessary adjustments to our home to accommodate my current needs.  I want to thank EVERYONE who has given to this Foundation to help the Sehorn family reach out to families in need, due to this physically and financially devastating disease – ALS.  I look forward to meeting you at this year’s fundraiser!!

~ Christi


Dear friends,
At about 9 am this morning, July 24, 2017,  Christi went home to be with the Lord. She fought a long hard battle, and gave it all she had. She went out in peace with no suffering.  Thank you all for your love and support you showed her. She is up walking with God and talking his ear off, since hasn’t been able to do either in long time! Thank you all-

JD Zimmerman


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