Nancy Jane James was born Nancy Jane Pierce March 11, 1947. She has been married to her true love. His name is Arion David James born September 9, 1944. They had 4 children: 1 boy and 3 girls. David and Nancy have always worked hard and raised their children to their best. They have always been devoted to one another and have always been each other’s best friend.  About 9 years ago David became ill and it was discovered that he had cancer of the lung. He had part of his lung removed and had since been disabled from complications.  Nancy became his caregiver during this time. In the last few years, Nancy had been displaying symptoms diagnosed as brain stem strokes. She had slurred speech and almost choked without explaination on occaision. Then she began falling and tripping and a slight weight drop became noticable. Since she was diabetic, she struggled to keep it controlled but all of the sudden when she took insulin, she would crash in the night. More weight began to disappear.  She had stomach problems and had to be admitted into the hospital for 3 weeks in July. They tested and tested. They gave her expensive and experimental medication for the diease Mysthenia Gravis which slurred speech and choking was a symptom but to no avail. She was dismissed from the hospital the last week of July and went to a neuroligist the first week of August. The Doctor quickly diagnosised her with ALS. David and Nancy moved home with their daughter, in October so that she could be close to her children and everyone could help her.  By this time, her need for a peg became a desperate undertaking. The Dennis Sehorn Foundation contacted Rebecca, social worker, and she gave them our name as a person of need for help.  Upon meeting us and getting to know us, the Sehorn’s found a way to help us. They have given us the $7,000.00 we needed to get the peg surgery. We cannot express our love and appreciation for this family. They have made it possible to improve Mom’s life and help my father and myself deal with the anguish we have been suffering. May God bless the Circle of Friends – Dennis Sehorn Foundation for ALS and enable them to do for others as they have done for us. It is not only the funds that were needed, but the connection between family members that know what you are going thru and their caring and compassionate hearts which they opened to us.  ~ Daughter, Susie Theriot

Update from ALS Circle of Friends: Sadly, Nancy passed away in October of 2011.  We feel blessed to have gotten to know this beautiful lady – we will miss the sparkle in her eyes and her smile that would light up the room.  




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