Stanley Ragan

In July of 2006 Stanley P. Ragan was diagnosed with ALS at the Methodist Hospital in Houston. A year later he was put on a ventilator.  Over the years there have been many financial struggles that we have had to overcome.  With the help of the Dennis Sehorn Foundation these struggles have been lessened. They have selflessly and willingly paid for repairs on our home generator, which is a necessity for Stanley’s medical equipment.  The Foundation has also generously agreed to pay for

a sitter to stay with Stanley one day a week. This allows me, his wife and primary caregiver, time to go to appointments, run errands, and just “get out of the house” for a while.

Thanks to Patricia, Sherry and Chris Sehorn for starting this Foundation and all of those who help to support them.

We greatly appreciate ALL of you,

Madelyn, Stanley Ragan & Family


Update from Dennis Sehorn Foundation:  Stanley passed away in March of 2012.  Although we never had the privilege of meeting Mr. Ragan, we know by speaking with his family that he was a wonderful man and will be greatly missed.



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