2014 brought us many unforeseen blessings.  We decided to make our fundraisers biennial (every 2 years) meaning that 2014 was an “off” year for the Foundation in terms of hosting a BIG fundraiser.  

Around the middle of August we began hearing about this thing called “The Ice Bucket Challenge.”  Little did we know how blessed our Foundation would be from people accepting a challenge of dumping ice cold water on their heads in the name of raising awareness and funds for ALS research.  While millions and millions of dollars were donated to the ALS Association for research to find a cure for this TERRIBLE disease, our Foundation received thousands of dollars to put towards the care of those LIVING with ALS.  

At the close of 2014 we collected nearly $29,900 – that was more than what we cleared at our 1st Fundraiser in 2011.  Thank you so much to everyone who donates their hard-earned money to our Foundation and allows us to continue to honor the memory of Dennis Sehorn by helping others who live with this disease.  


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